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Scaled Sales Onboarding, Enablement and Retention


Talent Discovery

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Passion for Sales:


You’re looking for graduates who want to sell - who love to sell - who get a charge out of selling.  The majority of RNMKRS College players are in certified collegiate sales programs or are participating in our program because they want to learn the sales process. Once you have them onboard, orient them to the fundamentals of your product/service sale with a custom new-hire RolePlay so they can hit the ground running on Day One.


Talent Performance Data

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Skills and Grit:


Candidates show their sales aptitude by selling to our gamified, AI animated customer bots - giving you bias-free skills assessments. See how hard candidates train and how they perform in the sales process.  Filter and sort trainee results by individual, regional or team performances for a clear, big- picture view with easy-to-read visual data displays.


Talent Development

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Players learn to sell with hours of realistic practice using our voice-activated robots before they engage with real buyers. The bots are programmed with emotion and buyer sophistication to build trainee confidence before they move on to crush it in the field.

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Management Efficiency

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Better results - less work:


By the time managers review call transcript results, seller errors have already been made - at the expense of revenue. RNMKRS practice and real-time feedback and coaching guide players towards better training outcomes before they make errors in the field. RNMKRS tailors the bot conversation in each of your sales role-plays to match your product, customer objections, presentation dynamics and closing techniques.  It’s like having a skilled and efficient 24/7 personal trainer for every trainee.  Managers look at performance data for the big picture and…manage. 

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No travel:


Bring your corporate carbon footprint down.  Players train on their phone from wherever, whenever.  You manage the entire training process for all your teams from anywhere, on your laptop.  Put that in your annual report.

What is Performance Data

What is Data Performance?

Aunt Millie may be willing to do a few role-plays, but is she qualified? Qualified feedback data is the first criteria for real-time learning. When we say Qualified we mean bias-free, validated, authentic, contextual feedback.


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Waiting two weeks, two days or two hours for feedback doesn’t cut it for most learners. The brain has moved on and the opportunity to reinforce or redirect is lost.  When we say Instant we mean metric data and visuals that tell players where they succeeded and where they failed…instantly. During game play, the bot provides feedback through verbal and non-verbal cues.


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For competitive individuals, there’s nothing worse than the feeling that somehow they were judged against different criteria than the next person. A level playing field is essential to the learning process. Our AI scores and weights all player input equally for 100% Accurate and consistent scoring across all players.


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