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Virtual Classroom

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Welcome to the

Virtual Classroom

You practically live on your phone, so the technologies we use in the Competition will come naturally. That said, we’ve created a couple of videos to show you how to crush your roleplay and score big.

Check out these videos to learn now to dominate the leaderboard!

How to Talk to A Bot

Chances are you’ve spoken with a chat bot on the phone. In the Virtual Sales Competition you will be talking to an advanced Customer Bot who is trained to discuss business. This video will help you have a productive meeting with the Bot so you close the sale and score big.

How to Use the RNMKRS App

You’re about to enter an online competition on your phone with a virtual customer bot. It’s not complicated but there are a few things you should be aware of to make sure you can complete your meeting and score big. Check out this video.

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