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At some point, almost everyone will have to answer the question: “Tell us a bit about yourself.” 

When that time comes, you’ll need to be able to tell your story quickly, succinctly and with confidence and enthusiasm. Your success at engaging your audience and getting what you want will depend on the Content, Sequence and Timing of your pitch. 

Pressing the Elevator Button

The Elevator Pitch

"Elevator pitch" is an old-school film industry expression that originated back in the day when a screenwriter would find himself on an elevator with a big director or producer and would have only a few floors to pitch his idea before the director got off the elevator. SpeedSell is a training simulation that helps players develop an effective Elevator Pitch for communicating their story.

Elevator Pitch
How It Works
Happy Girl Texting

How It Works

To start, players take some quick video training that introduces them to important concepts.  Next, they jump into the PitchPerfector to discover and develop a story that will communicate how their Key Strength makes them unique and valuable. Then, they can practice their pitch with a an elevator! When players have their pitch down it's time to get on-camera and make a personalized pitch video they can use for their LinkedIn profile.

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