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Sales Role Play

24/7 RolePlay Access

Sales skills come with practice, and practice is hard to come by. Students and trainees struggle to find quality role-play partners and trainers are challenged to provide quality and timely role-play feedback. Our bots are authentic to your selling situation, they’re highly qualified and they never sleep. 

Players practice anywhere, anytime and can get props on leaderboards you configure.

Mobile Phone

Crush The Fundamentals

Research tells us that if trainees can consistently execute the 5 Core Selling Steps (Approach-Discovery-Presentation-Objections-Closing) along with Empathy and Communication Skills in a “live” simulation, they’ll have the muscle memory they need to succeed in the real selling world.


Our simulations score them on these skills in real, contextual, voice-driven sales conversations with intelligent animated customer bots and give them instant, accurate, consistent feedback and Instant Replay.

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How It Works

You configure the meeting dynamics of your sales simulation from your online dashboard.  Pick from 15 meeting variables like meeting setting, customer character, product features, customer challenges and major & minor objections that reflect the actual scenarios your trainees face in the field. 

They can practice the Core Selling Steps individually and/or practice them all at once in 10-15 minute simulated sales call.  You can run competitions for your end-of-quarter or national sales event.  Set this all up and schedule it in advance right from your dashboard.  The platform invites your Players and communicates key events to them throughout the event.

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