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Leaked: Carrie Underwood Denim and Rhinestones Album Zip | Leak Download 2022? The track list for Carrie Underwood's upcoming studio album Denim & Rhinestones is packed with vivid colors and emotions. The 12 cuts on her upcoming seventh studio album of original country songs are very tactile.


Denim & Rhinestones Album Tracklist :-

Denim & Rhinestones

Velvet Heartbreak

Ghost Story

Hate My Heart


Crazy Angels


Pink Champagne

Wanted Woman

Poor Everybody Else

She Don’t Know


On Friday morning (April 8), Underwood shared the title song, "Denim & Rhinestones." It's one of 11 Underwood co-writes on her new album, and one that makes good on a promise for a project filled with fun "sing into your hairbrush" songs. Producer David Garcia also has writing credits on 11 of the songs, teaming with Underwood on 10 and Underwood and Hillary Lindsey on seven.

The full track list for Denim & Rhinestones appears below, but the most sensory titles include "Velvet Heartbreak," "Burn," "Faster" and "Pink Champagne." In a press release announcing the track list, the 39-year-old notes that the project will have a throwback feel and include many of her childhood influences. It's a "big reflection" of who she is as a person and artist, she shares, no doubt recognizing the subtle nod to her Las Vegas residency of the same name.

Leaked: Carrie Underwood Denim and Rhinestones Album Zip | Leak Download 2022

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