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Grit, Fit and Ready to Hit the Ground Running

Fall Competition 2021 Details

Registration opens: August 25, 2 PM EST
App open
s: September 15, 2 PM EST


RNMKRS Speed Sell Competition
Highest score by: October 15 -- 10 PM EST
RNMKRS Roleplay Sales Competition
November 17-18 (2-10 PM EST either day)


View Spring 2022 Details

Spring Competition 2022 Details
Registration opens: January 18, 2 PM EST
App open
s: February 4, 2 PM EST

RNMKRS Speed Sell Competition
Highest score by: March 18 -- 10 PM EST
RNMKRS Roleplay Sales Competition
Spring 2022 April 14-15 (2-10 PM EST either day)


Sales Competition

The Spring 2021 RNMKRS College Sales Skills Competition broke every record in the book.

Over 2,300 students from 59 Colleges and Universities completed over 60,000 role plays from all over the U.S., Canada, Asia, Europe, India and Africa.

A handful of students got within striking distance of a perfect score.  The Top Players at each school are listed below.

If you are an educator, student or sales recruiter/professional who would like to learn more, contact us at

2020 RNMKRS Virtual Sales Competition Super RNMKRS Lists

Top 1% RNMKRS Competitors

2021 Spring School Champions

View 100+ Club Spring 2021
View Top 10 Schools Spring 2021 Results


Our mission is to empower people to communicate and influence decisions using bias-free interactive technology 

Interpersonal communications are the lubricant of business and society.  Our ability to effectively communicate with others plays a leading role in our success in business and life.

Has this ever happened to you?

Interview for a job and forget to ask questions.  

Not know how to position yourself when you ask for a promotion.

Get on a sales call and fail to communicate your value.  

Trouble communicating with your team?

How can we get better at communicating?  Practice.


Our Technology


Artificial intelligence and machine learning are both scary and exciting.


Will the machines turn on us Matrix-style? Will our jobs be replaced?


These are questions on everyone's mind.​

The good news? These technologies provide powerful new opportunities to turn data into learning. By tapping into the larger experience of groups, we can empower individuals with skills, confidence, and a process that works.


Interpersonal Communications Engine


Our patent pending Interpersonal Communications Engine technology simulates interactions between individuals in the sales process and provides the practice, bias-free feedback and scoring they need to improve their ability.  Practicing on the bot teaches sellers how to execute the classic 4 step sales process plus the nuances of objection handling, empathy and communication skills.  Sellers practice how to say the right thing, at the right time in the right way in the context of a sales meeting to move the ball towards closing.  

With ICE, there are no predetermined multiple-choice responses.. You talk to an intelligent animated bot character using your phone – like you would with Siri or Alexa.  The bot responds in real time with answers that reflect your input.  You get detailed feedback on your successes, areas of improvement and on your performance compared to other players.


Our Founders

RNMKRS was created in 2018 by founders with extensive experience and proven track records in communications, sales training, and simulation design.


Stefanie Boyer PhD

  • Bryant University Associate Professor of Marketing

  • NISC Sales Competition Executive Director

  • 16 Years training college students in sales

  • Nationally recognized innovator


Scott Randall

  • BrandGames: President/CEO

  • Pioneering Simulation Designer

  • Designed the first sales training simulation in 1995

  • Executive Advisory Board/Guest Lecturer --
    University of Rhode Island


Kevin Kelly

  • CEO of Kelly's Run 

  • Partner -- Bear Stearns

  • Banking, Finance, and Sales Veteran

  • Co-Founder of Elon University Chandler Center for Sales

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