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"Opportunity for All"

Diversity and Inclusion at RNMKRS.ORG

Well-intentioned partners looking to assess the demographic makeup of the RNMKRs community sometimes ask, "Can’t you ask players to self-identify their gender or race on the way in?”

Here’s a bit about RNMKRS that should answer that question:

At RNMKRS, the Diversity and Inclusion story is all about Opportunity for All


RNMKRS Brand DNA: The two pillars of our Mission are:

- Massive role plays, coaching and feedback for improved learning

- Bias-free engagement for maximum opportunity equality


We the People: RNMKRS is an environment free from racial, gender and socioeconomic bias. Our Content is created with a sensitivity to cultures, ethnicities and gender, but is not “sanitized.” The business world is colorful and our content reflects it. Our role play bots have accents and they come in all colors – just like their real-life counterparts. And they don’t know who you are, where you come from, what color your skin is, or your name. They just know how good you are at selling.

Come One Come All: The program is not limited to schools that have the budget to field a sales team. RNMKRS is FREE to all students with a desire to practice and learn - over 5,000 so far. You can learn, improve, and compete, with confidence that you will be judged, scored and recruited on the basis of your performance merit alone.

Bridging the Digital Divide: With a phone and hard work, literally anyone can perfect their communication skills, learn to sell using the sales process, and get immediate feedback and coaching, based on the expert thinking of faculty and executives and research for effective selling.  Students played over 46,000 role plays this semester.

The RNMKRS Community Ask:  “The opportunity is there for the taking. No more bias.  No more excuses. Training for free whenever you want it. The only question is, how badly do you want it?” 


Let the games begin!