Professor & Students

RNMKRS makes it easy to diversify your sales force with qualified candidates who will hit the ground running. 

At RNMKRS, we’re all about making sales careers accessible to ALL who are qualified.

Diverse Sales Talent – One Click Away:  Our talent ID tools make it easy to find diverse RNMKRS competitors who know how to sell.  Simply enter the criteria of your “perfect hire” including ‘grit level’, geography, experience, passion-for-sales and sales skill level - and we do the rest.  With one click, you’ll access their Sales Career Profile and see everything you need including a timed, video “elevator pitch”.

Come One Come All: The program is not limited to schools that have the budget to field a sales team. RNMKRS is free to all sales students with a desire to practice, learn, compete and sell.   Over 8,000 students from over 70 colleges and university sales programs have done over 110,000 scored role plays so far. 

We The People: RNMKRS is an environment free from racial, gender and socioeconomic bias. Our content is created with a sensitivity to cultures, ethnicities and gender, but is not “sanitized.” The business world is colorful and our content reflects it.  Our role play bots have accents and they come in all colors – just like their real-life counterparts. They don’t judge students based on who they are, where they come from, what color their skin is, or their name - only on how good they are at selling.