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Customer Service

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Research shows that a satisfying customer experience is a major business driver. Unleashing untrained customer service specialists on live customers without the communications skills they need to satisfactorily engage customers and resolve problems is a common and destructive approach. e-learning courseware can explain what an excellent customer experience looks like - playing a simulation with our customer bot let’s players experience what it feels like to perform under pressure.

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Customer Service Role Play

The process for delivering an excellent customer service experience is straightforward. Executing it well is not. Reps have to think under pressure when unhappy customers put the pressure on. The confidence to respond effectively comes with practice. Our bots aren’t human, but they have human characteristics and they don’t leave bad CSAT scores on your website.

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How It Works
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How It Works

Players are presented with a case study, including service documentation before they engage with the customer bot. Once the customer engagement begins, they must synthesize this information with their own judgement into a process-driven approach that takes the situation from problematic to resolved. Players are given a qualified, accurate and instant feedback and can practice the scenario anywhere, at any time as often as they like.

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