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Welcome to the Dell Training Center
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Dell Technologies

This year’s Virtual Sales Competition is going to include an exciting role play selling Dell’s incredible Rugged laptop computer line. You can drop these amazing machines from 70 feet and they keep on ticking. This page has all the content you’ll need to become an expert at the Rugged line and present solutions to your Customer’s business problem. If you have additional questions about the content you can contact

Check out these resources to learn now to dominate the leaderboard!

Dell Case Study

Prepare yourself for the meeting with Alex Taylor at the Sunflower Police Department’s IT group.  This document will give you what you need to know about your Customer, your company and your product line.  Dive in and prepare to win!

How to Sell Rugged

The Dell Rugged laptop is a technological dream come true for many customers and could be the perfect solution for your Customer.  This Brief has all the product details you’ll need to make a compelling pitch.

Rugged Use Cases

Competition Scoring Sheet

Student Competitor Guide

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